Welcome to Windsong Healing Arts

We are a shamanic practice dedicated to supporting self empowerment and an awareness of higher self.  We provide shamanic healings through a variety of techniques,  facilitate experiential workshops, and provide training in shamanic methods.

Located in Beavercreek, Ohio (in the Dayton, Ohio area) we are committed to working toward the creation of harmony within our community and beyond.  We invite you to share in this creation.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is not a religion; it is a spiritual based belief system that honors everything as alive and recognizes the connectedness of all things in nature and the universe.  Shamanism is perhaps the oldest spiritual practice existing for over 40,000 years and is cross cultural.  The term “shaman” originated from the Siberian Tungus peoples and translates into “one who sees in the dark”.   Shamans connect with compassionate helping spirits and elicit their support to aid in the healing process, regaining of power, and generating wholeness for the individual.